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Holistic Monitoring DevConf Brno 2019

DevConf CZ 2019

Adam and I had the opportunity to present our Holistic Monitoring strategy at DevConf Brno in 2019. It was so much fun to present there and visit Europe for the first time. I felt very fortunate. It was also great to meet some good friends in person. I love DevConv, and I love Brno and hope I get to go again someday!


There are many ways to monitor services, but monitoring with only one tool runs the risk of partial service coverage. To
solve this, the Red Hat DevOps team has developed a holistic monitoring strategy that encompasses the needs of each
service without leaving gaps. From web applications to APIs, or containers to bare metal appliances, our strategy takes
everything into account. In this session, you'll learn about the Red Hat DevOps monitoring strategy in detail. In
addition, you will discover the fallacy of origin-based availability monitoring, how to develop useful SLI/SLO’s, and
how to craft actionable alerts.

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Holistic Monitoring DevConf CZ 2019
Jared Sprague DevConf CZ 2019

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